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Off-Season Dining in Jackson Hole

Off-season in Jackson is a wonderful time! Autumn is devoid of the large crowds and traffic that summer brings, and the cooler weather, although unpredictable at times, is a welcome change! So what do the locals do once the tourists leave? Oftentimes, the answer is: Dine! It’s no secret that Jackson is home to a wide variety of amazing restaurants, bars, and cafes. So what keeps the diminished population during the fall eating out and supporting all of our local culinary gems? Budget friendly specials! This is something we’re particularly keen on at the Painted Buffalo Inn, and so we want to share with you some of our favorites. If the discounted meals aren’t enough to entice you, many local restaurants also use this opportunity during the year to donate some of their proceeds to charitable causes.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing Co.: located just a few miles from town in Wilson, Q Roadhouse serves up steaks and American comfort classics, as well as an extensive draft beer selection. Head there this fall with a friend, and buy one entrée and get the second one for $2. 100% of the $2 benefits a different Jackson Hole non-profit each week. 2550 Moose Wilson Road, Wilson.

Bin 22: I can’t adequately stress how good this place is. I actually ate lunch there today (which was wonderful, by the way). Located right downtown, they serve a delectable assortment of Italian inspired dishes, as well as an amazing selection of fine meats and cheeses. Bin 22 is located inside of a liquor and wine shop, and you’re free to peruse the store before your meal to select a bottle of wine, which your server will open for you and serve at your table. During off-season, EVERYTHING is buy one get one for $2, and the $2 is donated to Go Pink JH, which raises awareness for all components of women’s health right here in Jackson Hole. 200 W. Broadway, Jackson.

Trio Bistro: Trio is always near the top of my list for a memorable meal in Jackson. Their menu often changes to reflect seasonal specials, and the space is a great atmosphere to have a couple cocktails (or a few). If you enjoy great food, and a game of chance, come here during the off-season to spin “The Wheel.” Presented to you after your meal, the wheel offers rewards including 10% off your entire meal, a free round of drinks, or even “Just the tip,” which only obligates your party to leave a (hopefully healthy) tip for your awesome server. Only open for dinner. 45 South Glenwood, Jackson.


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Romantic Dinner Options in Jackson Hole

You have decided to come to Jackson Hole with your hunny to celebrate your anniversary or to just get away from it all. Most likely one night you may want to have a romantic dinner, something more than your average pizza and beer dinner date. There are plenty of wonderful places to take your loved one out to eat in Jackson, it just depends on how much money you want to spend.

The Wild Sage

Last year, Jared and I decided to forgo the typical anniversary gifts and treat ourselves to a nice romantic dinner. We initially wanted to have it at the Snake River Grill but we waited too long so we couldn’t get a reservation on the night of our anniversary. We decided to try something new, the Wild Sage which is located in the Rusty Parrot Lodge, a few blocks from the town square in downtown Jackson. The Wild Sage is Jackson’s only restaurant to receive the AAA Four Diamond award but I think that it is a tie between Amangani and the Wild Sage for the most expensive restaurant in town. While expensive, the food and ambiance is worth it. The restaurant is small – think 40 people max and the rustic decor, fireplace and open concept kitchen make for an intimate setting. We were seated by the window where we could watch the cars drive by and the snow fall. The food was melt in your mouth delicious and the cocktails and wine were a delightful addition to our meal. Our reservations were for 6pm and we stayed until 9pm just sipping our after dinner drinks and talking about our upcoming nuptials. We didn’t feel like we were pressured to leave and the staff was very professional and welcoming.

The Snake River GrillSnake River Grill

Possibly my favorite restaurant in town, I love the ambiance that the Grill exudes. Its log cabin interior and center fireplace make this one of my favorite places for a romantic date. The first time that I went to the Grill was when Jared took me there for my birthday and we got a corner booth. Our date was intimate and exciting – their menu boasts an array of unique tapas as well as wild game and fresh fish. They have an extensive wine list as well as some specialty cocktails. The Snake River Grill is also a good place to bring a group to celebrate a birthday or graduation. To this day I still dream about the rare filet of beef that I had for my birthday, years ago. I could cut it with my fork – needless to say, I was in heaven.

The Granary

Without a doubt the best thing about the Granary is the stunning mountain view. Situated on a butte high above the valley of Jackson Hole, the Granary is part of Spring Creek Ranch. The dining rooms is a little outdated but the large picture windows with a sweeping vista mask that fact. The food is good but not as good as the previously mentioned restaurants. The thing that I remember most from my dinner at the Granary is the sun setting behind the mountains. I encourage you to go early during the winter months (think 6pm reservations) and later during the summer months (think 7 or 7:30) to catch the sunset. While the dinner at the Granary is good, the breakfast is wonderful. I especially love their trout and eggs dish. If you are looking for a cheaper romantic dinner try the lounge at the Granary. Sit at the bar or by the crackling fire and enjoy the same breath taking view with a more economical bar menu. The portions aren’t huge but the bar does offer nightly specials such a $4.50 well drinks, $.40 wings, cheap quesadillas and half of glasses of wine depending on the night. The also have a piano player semi-nightly in the lounge area which adds to the romantic ambiance.

The CouliorCoulior Wine

Located at the top of the Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Coulior has a refined atmosphere with a stunning view of the valley below. One of my favorite things about having dinner at the Coulior is the romantic Gondola ride that you take to reach the restaurant. Be sure to ask for a seat by the window when reserving your table, though if your reservation is anytime after 6pm and you have more than 2 in your party it is almost impossible to get one of those tables. The food is delicious, but it is an all inclusive menu, so if you aren’t willing to pay $95 per person for the entire meal (not including drinks) I would urge you to look elsewhere. During the Spring and Fall Coulior will do a 2 for 1 dinner special for season passholders so if you are a passholder be sure that you are on Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s email list so that you get the heads up when they are offering the 2 for 1s. The food is delicious and the four course meal leaves you satisfied, not stuffed.

Obviously you can have romantic dinners at restaurants that aren’t overly expensive. The options above all offer entrees in the range of $18 to $60. I have had plenty of dates at the Rendezvous Bistro, which is one of my favorite restaurants in town. The Bistro can be a bit loud but you can still carry on a conversation with your sweetheart without having to yell over the table. Another option is Trio, a small restaurant located a block from the town square in downtown Jackson. Trio has a variety of options ranging from pizza to buffalo rib eye and braised short ribs. There are plenty of great restaurants in Jackson so there is no need to limit yourself to this list. Also, please keep in mind that these are restaurants where I have dined and I have not had the opportunity to eat at all of the nice restaurants in Jackson (though I wish that I could!). I hope that you enjoy your romantic dinner wherever you end up!

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On Mountain Dining at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a relatively small ski resort by western standards. No matter where you are on the mountain you can access the base area in 20 minutes or so. However, on weekends, when the lines in the base area are long, sometimes it is nice to eat lunch up on the mountain. I grew up brown bagging it in New England – my dad would bring a backpack full of sandwiches, chips and cookies up to the top of the Cannon tram and stash it in the corner of the cafeteria. But these days I find myself either stashing a Cliff bar in my ski pants to stave off my hunger until Apres Ski or wandering into one of the three on mountain dining establishments. Each eatery has different types of food and a different vibe.

Corbet’s Cabin

Located at the top of the tram, it is by far the most scenic on mountain dining option (Couloir is a close second). It also has the most character, located in a small cabin that was built at the 60s, it has pieces of history pinned on the walls and it shares it’s space with the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol. There are not many tables in the cabin so be sure to be one of the first ones off the tram to nab a table. Corbet’s Cabin’s specialty is made to order waffles. IMG_5536They also have an array of snack bars, sports drinks, beer and sweets, but you really go to Corbet’s for their waffles. The have four different types of waffles: brown sugar and butter, strawberry jam and cream cheese, nutella and new this year, peanut butter and bacon. I have yet to try the PB and bacon waffle, though it sounds delicious. They serve the waffles sandwich style wrapped in tin foil. Corbet’s Cabin is a great place to go for breakfast or a midday snack.

Top of the Gondola – Rendezvous and Headwall Pizza, Couloir and Dog House

Located upstairs next to the Couloir, Rendezvous is my favorite place to eat on the mountain. It is easy to access if you are skiing Thunder, Sublette or the Tram via the Marmot lift or you may reach it by taking the Gondola. It can get pretty crowded from noon to 2 so be sure to stake out a table before getting your food. My favorite item at Rendezvous is their Vietnamese Pho. The large noodle bowl is packed with veggies and meat or tofu and filled with a mushroom broth. They are made to order so if you have an aversion to jalapenos, like me, you can ask them to make the soup without. The bowls are large enough to split between two average people or one very hungry individual. hotdogRendezvous also has a delicious salad bar, soup station and grill and sandwich station.

Coulior offers sit down dining for the refined skier who is not in a rush to get back out on the slopes. Headwall Pizza and Dog House is a good place to eat cheaply or grab some grub to eat on the fly (say, on a powder day).

Casper Restaurant

Located next to the Casper chair, the Casper Restaurant can handle a crowd. There are picnic tables outside that you can use on nice sunny days, a fireplace with two couches for those who are looking to sit back and relax as well as multiple tables on the first and second level of the building. They have a grill, soup station and their specialty, Mexican fare. I enjoy their burritos, either pork, beef or vegetarian. The burritos are large enough to share or can be devoured by one hungry individual. To avoid the notorious brick in the stomach feeling I normally split the burrito with a friend. Casper is also the only on mountain cafeteria with a full bar (Couloir also has a full bar). They have wonderful specialty drinks as well as delicious jello shots. Please see my previous blog about apres ski at Casper for details on their drink selection.

So there you have it – each one of Jackson Hole’s on-mountain dining options are unique so you can choose which restaurant best suits your needs. Some days I crave Pho, other days a burrito. Most days I crave a waffle, but I have a sweet tooth so that’s no surprise! Hopefully you get to experience all of the on-mountain dining options so that you may decide for yourself which restaurants are your favorites.

Also, as a side note – I do not believe that brown bagging is banned from any of the on-mountain dining options, but I am not positive. Just be courteous and aware of the situation.

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Local Coffee Shops in Jackson Hole

Updated 4/10/15

There is nothing like a good local coffee shop. Whenever I travel I love to scout out the local coffee shops instead of grabbing a Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ Donuts. I find that the local coffee shops provide fun latte options and have more local flavor. I especially love coffee shops where I can sit down on a couch and lose myself in a good book. Unfortunately, none of the coffee shops in the Jackson Hole area have comfy couches, but they do make a mean latte. For being a small town we have a plethora of local coffee shops – four within a block or two of the town square!

Pearl Street Bagels

An old stand by and possibly the most popular of all of the coffee shops so don’t be surprised if you have to wait in a line to order your morning bagel and coffee. Their coffee is rather strong, but the foam on their lattes is out of this world (in my opinion). It is melt in your mouth delicious. So much so that I will take the lid off of my to-go cup and swirl my finger around the edges of the cup to get every last bit of foam (okay, maybe I’m gross, but it’s so tasty!). I especially love their pumpkin latte, which fortunately for me, is currently in season. However, I am sure that it will soon be replaced by an equally delicious peppermint mocha.

Jackson Hole RoastersImage

JH Roasters is one of the only coffeehouses in town who roasts their own beans. This coffee shop is located one block east of the town square on West Broadway. They offer plenty of different coffee blends for the drip coffee drinker. They also serve espresso drinks and pastries. Jackson Hole Roasters is a great place to go if you want to get out of the house and work. They have spacious tables and free wireless internet. I especially love to visit Jackson Hole Roasters during the summer. They have some tables outside the shop where you can watch passerby’s on the town square.

Cowboy Coffee Company

Cowboy Coffee is located on North Cache Street, a stones throw from the Town Square. Cowboy Coffee is another coffee house in town that roasts their own beans. They offer 9 different varieties of coffee and have an espresso bar. They also make sandwiches, which I have not tried yet. The location of the coffee shop enables prime people watching. They have two small tables outside on the sidewalk and more seating inside. The rustic feel of the coffee shop makes it a perfect fit for Jackson Hole.

Elevated Grounds

Possibly one of the best atmospheres of all of the coffee shops, Elevated Grounds is located in the Aspens between the town of Jackson and Teton Village. Their logo is a derivative of the Om yoga symbol and that is the vibe that the coffee house puts off. Local artwork adorns the walls and a framed wall mounted TV scrolls through relaxing images. They serve Fair Trade and local coffee as well as espresso. They also have a breadth of lunch options, including paninis and salads. I often stop by Elevated Grounds to grab a coffee on my way up to ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during the winter.


More of a bakery than a coffeehouse, it is one of my favorite places to go and grab a pastry and a coffee. Their baked goods are out of this world delicious and the bakery itself is cute, though it is small so don’t expect a table on a Sunday morning. They do have outdoor seating, which is nice for the summertime. They are located a block from the town square on East Broadway.

Whether you are a coffee addict or the occasional latte drinker, there are plenty of places to get your buzz going in Jackson Hole. I will mention that we do have  a Starbuck’s in town, but if you’re like me, you may want to try out the local flavor when you are traveling. The coffee shops in Jackson Hole won’t disappoint you!

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Thanksgiving in Jackson Hole

It’s that time of year again: when family and friends gather around the table and enjoy a feast of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, pies and other odd side dishes such as green bean casserole and candied sweet potatoes (who knew marshmallows went together so well with a vegetable?). Every family has their own traditions to adhere to and token dishes. Last year I was attending Thanksgiving at a friend’s house and she asked me to make a green bean casserole. My family never made one for any of the holidays, so as I was whipping up the iconic dish I was amazed at how all the ingredients, while strange on paper, combined to make such a tasty side dish.

Living in Jackson makes holidays with the family difficult. With plane tickets costing a minimum of $500 to anywhere in the US, sometimes it is easier to band together with friends and make a giant feast. This is how I have spent a few holidays in Jackson and it is always interesting to see what my friends find key to certain celebrations. Pearl onions at Thanksgiving (that’s my tradition), au gratin potatoes, corn bread, corn pudding, fried turkey, or even for the adventurous a Turducken (a chicken inside a duck, inside a turkey). Usually these celebrations include lots of wine or beer, ski movies and eating at 9pm because someone thought a turkey would only take an hour to bake. Either way, the spirit of Thanksgiving is still there: to gather with friends and family for a giant meal, American style, gorge yourself and then pass out on the couch with the football game playing in the background.

If you’re motivated, you can have a night of guilt free eating as a result of running around playing flag football with family and friends or running the local turkey trot. The Jackson Recreation Center hosts a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The turkey trot kicks off at 8:30am at the Recreation Center. Early registration costs $22, for more information click here.

For those who don’t enjoy spending a day in the kitchen, or if you are visiting Jackson Hole on vacation, there are plenty of Thanksgiving buffet options. The Wort Hotel has a nice buffet that they serve from 11am to 4pm on Thanksgiving day. It includes turkey, prime rib, pork loin, shrimp, Alaskan crab, a breakfast bar and traditional accompaniments. It costs $40 for adults, $19 for children 8 to 12, $14 for children 4 to 7 and $37 for seniors (65 and up). For reservations call 307-732-3939. The Teton Pines have a similar buffet for those who are looking to eat later. Their buffet is served from 2pm to 6pm and is $45 for adults and $22 for children 5 to 10 years old. Reservations can be made by calling 307-733-1005.

Snow King Resort also hosts a buffet from 11am to 3pm on Thanksgiving day. They have unique options such as venison leg, clams casino, baked halibut, and cajun mashed potatoes.  The buffet costs $29 for adults and $15 for children under 12. Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling 307-733-5200.

For those who are looking to donate some time or know a family in need, the Teton Steakhouse offers a Thanksgiving lunch based on donation only (or free for those in need). The lunch is served from 10:30pm to 2pm, or whenever they run out of food. For more information call 307-733-2639. They will also deliver lunch if you are not able to leave your home.

Whether you are going to be home for the holidays or spending it with friends, I hope that you get to spend time with those you are thankful for and in true American fashion, stuff yourself with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie to your hearts delight!

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Save Big During the Off Season in Jackson Hole

The off season is described as the time after the summer crowds have left town but before the lifts start to turn at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Snow King Resort. Typically the off season is October and November. From dining to retail, during the fall off season, plenty of local businesses hold sales or two for one dinner entrees to get people out supporting our local economy. Since the off season tends to have questionable weather, it provides a nice alternative on those cold rainy or snowy days. Below is a categorized list of the different places in town running dining off season specials.

Variations of 2 for 1 entrees

The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill – Located in the Wort Hotel, the Silver Dollar bar is offering two for one entrees from the Grill dinner menu and half off premium wines by the glass

The Kitchen, Il Villaggio Osteria, and the Q Roadhouse – All owned by the same company, they are running a Buy 1 entree get the second entree for $2. The $2 for the second entree will be donated to a local charity. The charity being sponsored rotates every week. This week your $2 will go to the local Habitat for Humanity.

iGnight Grill – 2 for 1 sushi every night 5:30 – 6:30pm and 10 – 11pm Monday through Thursday, 10pm – 12am Friday and Saturday.

Cafe Genevieve – Located in a historic log cabin just off the town square they are offering 2 for 1 Italian dinners. Mention their ad in the Jackson Hole Daily newspaper in order to receive the discount.

The Garage – A casual dining establishment with an eclectic menu is serving 2 for 1 entrees.

A percentage off your bill

Giovanni’s – An Italian restaurant located on the west end of town is offering 20% off your entire bill.

Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse – Eat at Jackson’s most well bar, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. They are offering 20% off your entire bill as long as you mention their listing in the Jackson Hole Daily Newspaper.

The Blue Lion – A fine dining establishment offering 20% off your bill. You must cut the coupon out of the Jackson Hole Daily newspaper and present the coupon in order to receive the discount.

Nani’s Cucina Italiana – A delicious fine dining Italian restaurant, located just off the town square. They are running a 10% off your entire bill all night special as well as a two for one drinks happy hour from 5 – 7pm.

Specials or Discounted Menu

Snake River Grill – This fine dining restaurant located just off the town square is offering a $7 tapas menu and half off wines by the glass.

Nikai – This fine dining sushi establishment has a $6 roll menu in addition to their regular menu.

43 North – Serving classic and new world cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere at the base of Snow King Mountain, 43 North is offering a free bottle of wine with the purchase of two dinner entrees.

The Gun Barrel Steak & Game Housed – Dine between 5:30pm and 6pm and choose from three entrees and a choice of side for $13.95. The options are a buffalo burger, mesquite grilled chicken or a half rack of ribs.

Please let me know if I forgot one! I hope that everyone is able to get a chance to go have enjoy a meal with friends or your significant other. Sometimes I think that the dining specials are the only thing that get me through the off season. There is nothing better than sharing a scorpion bowl and indulging in $6 rolls at Nikai with your friends, or having an affordable fine dining experience with your significant other. Now go make some reservations on Open Table and live it up a little!

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For the Beer Lover

With October bringing in a slew of new seasonal brews and Snake River Brew Pub’s Oktoberfest occurring tomorrow (October 6th), I have decided to blog about the best places to drink beer in Jackson (per my opinion, of course). Yes, you can get a beer at any bar, but the following restaurants, bars and brew pubs have a larger and more refined selection than your average bar.

Snake River Brew Pub

It’s only natural to start with the brew pub. If you asked any local in town where you should go to get a beer, I would guess 9 out of 10 times they would suggest the Snake River Brew Pub. The brewing company has won numerous awards at the Great American Beer Festival, which takes place every fall in Denver. This year, they took home a gold medal for Pako’s IPA and a bronze for their Le Serpent Cerise.

Like most brew pubs, the inside of the building is industrial with views of the casks and the brewing process. What’s on tap rotates monthly, if not weekly. My favorites are the OB-1 (Organic Beer Number 1), which is a English style brown ale, and their Snake River Lager, which is a Vienna style lager. Their food is quite decent as well, with creative pizza options and your usual pub fare (try their pulled pork sandwich!). Whenever I’m undecided on where I want to eat, I usually end up at the Brew Pub.

Thai Me Up

This Thai restaurant, which dishes up a mean curry and pad thai, doubles as a brew pub. Smaller in size than Snake River Brewing, it still produces a number of their own drafts and have recently expanded their bar area in order to accommodate more beer lovers. Their Mayhem Honey Ale won a Gold medal at the North American Beer Awards. I love beer, but when I go to Thai Me Up I usually have to indulge in their specialty cocktails: the Thaigarita and Thai White Russian in particular.

Thai Me Up is my favorite Thai restaurant in town (and that’s saying something because there are 4 in the area). However, if you are a not a peanut lover, you will probably dislike their Pad Thai and Massaman Curry (my two favorite dishes). I highly recommend stopping in to have a drink or meal at Thai Me Up if you are a lover of beer and/or Thai food.

Sidewinders Tavern

The token (and only) sports bar in Jackson Hole. With 25 beers on tap, they are guaranteed to have something you like on tap. TVs are mounted on along the walls of the main dining area, with a few tables having their own mini television. In the bar area there are TVs mounted on the walls as well. On Sundays you may be hard pressed to find a table at Sidewinders, but I can promise you that you won’t be the only fan of your team in the room. Jackson Hole is full of transplants, especially east coasters (Go Pats!). They have reasonably priced bar food as well as a number of different entrees. My favorite snack at Sidewinders is their “Sidewinders” giant pretzel, which you can get stuffed with mozzarella cheese, jalapenos and/or pepperoni.

Grand Teton Brewing Co

Located on the “other side” of Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho, Grand Teton Brewing Company is a hole in the wall bar just off the main highway. Its cheap brews and laid back atmosphere make it a popular place for those living in Idaho. With popcorn being the only food available, GTBC is a place for you to go fill up your growlers, buy a 6 pack, or to kick back and enjoy a beer. Their most popular brews are Old Faithful Ale, Sweetgrass APA, and Bitch Creek ESB.  They also kettle brew their own soda, so there is something for the kiddies or non beer drinker to enjoy.

So there you have it. There are plenty of places to go drink beer in this town, but if you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or even just a beer enthusiast, it would be tragic if you didn’t check out our local brewing companies when you are in town.

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